Shipping Container Home System

Shipping Container Home

I think you will find that we offer one of the most complete and planet friendly Shipping Container Home kits available. Contact Iron Castles for full information.

shipping container houses

Iron Castle shipping container


The shipping containe is minimally modified for door and window openings. The openings and panels are framed with angle iron for strength.
Concavities are filled with sprayed in place insulation flush to interior face. Floor is insulated with 1” rigid insulating panel, and then decking installed.

shipping container house

58″ /> Structural insulated panels

shipping container

Structural insulated panels top view

Structural insulated panels

SIP’s with integral electric conduit and devices are inserted by 2 workers in 4-8 hours with minimal tools.

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Utility panel

The electric, data, and water services are installed to run through the utility partition divider between bath and public space, containing a mains panel, transformer or inverter, and a flash water heater.

All water supply pipe will originate and terminate in this panel. Only waste lines will protrude, and all lines will be valved.

bath and toilet

bath and toilet

Bath and toilet

We will offer a standard layout in the bath area, with choice of toilets to suit the intended location and site constraints, from composting to standard.

shipping container houses

Interior environment

Interior environment

  • Sofa/bed
  • Office/bed/nerve center
  • Clothes closet
  • dining/prep/cleanup
  • Kitchen cooking and storage

The Sofa Module will provide ~75” seating, and will convert to a bunk bed for two, or to a double bed for a friendlier two. Base model will be torsion spring operated. Options will include wireless iPhone/Android app remote manipulation.

For complete details Contact Iron Castles!